FINALLY: THE TREEHOUSE IS HERE! 🌳🏠 NEW UPDATE My Talking Tom Friends (Official Trailer)

📣 Talking Tom \u0026 Friends have built a TREEHOUSE! 🌳🏠 Climb up and play in the BRAND NEW My Talking Tom Friends UPDATE! 🎮 🤩

But that’s not all! From mini-games to special stories, Talking Tom and his friends have PACKED the new update full of fun. Here are a few hints: 🔵🎮 + 📸❤️ + 📅! Any guesses?! 🧐

Check out My Talking Tom Friends now and discover all the AMAZING new features in the brand new update! 👉

Produced by Lunar Animation:

Hi, guys! I’m Talking Tom - welcome to my channel. It’s so cool to meet you!

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Watch all our adventures in our animated series, Talking Tom \u0026 Friends! You’ll never guess what kind of awesome things we get up. We can do anything when we’re together!

🎮 OH YEAH! I star in loads of games and we can do ANYTHING in them together! We can explore the Wild West in Talking Tom Gold Run, play basketball in My Talking Tom 2, fight the bad guys in Talking Tom Hero Dash, and so much more! Let’s play!

Stay awesome! 👌😎

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